Jumped on the Bandwagon

Posted by Garth on Friday, July 27, 2007

As is the case here and here, I've jumped on the custom-domain-with-blogger bandwagon. But mine's Canadian, eh. Get it? Canadian's say "eh". So I added it to that sentence. I'm so witty.

I would like to point out a problem though. I hate having resolve to nothing. It should go to the same place that goes. But it doesn't. And can't. Cuz blogger doesn't let you use DNS A records, and doesn't let you assign multiple domains/subdomains to a particular blog. I found someone's instructions here which seem logical enough, but for some reason I can't get it to work with Domain Direct. In fact, even if I just use as my blog custom domain name and insert the A record as ('s IP - the one that you're supposed to point your CNAME record to) it doesn't work. Never loads the site. Just spins and spins. So I'm not really sure what to do, but I'd really love both www and @ to go to the same place.

So, to reiterate, my configurations are as follows:

Current (sorta working; as in root works but www doesn't):
A: @ > ('s IP)
CNAME: www >

Tested (and failed):
A: @ > ('s IP)
A: www > (Domain Direct's default IP)
Domain Forwarding: www >

If anyone has any suggestions, leave 'em in the comments cuz this is driving me crazy.

UPDATE: So I thought I'd be clever and use a bit of redirection, and I also thought that since I like google so much I'd use their Apps for Domains to help me out. Well, turns out that I'm starting to like google a little less, and their Web Page Creator blows. They have an "Edit HTML" link, which when clicked opens a new window with:


Now, I'm no expert, but afaik a webpage has a helluva lot more html than just <p></p> tags. How do I edit the <head></head> section? Apparently, I can't. Which means I can't do a redirect. From a google page to a google blog. Come on guys, this isn't rocket science... and you're making it way more difficult than it needs to be.

UPDATE 2: So it turns out I had an IP address wrong. The guy on the link above had it as 71. but it's actually 72. So now everything works like it's supposed to. Next time I'll make sure to see if the PC is actually turned on before blogging about how my screen is blank all the time.


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