Transformers: The Movie

Posted by Garth on Thursday, June 28, 2007

I figured out why I just don't like the previews/posters/pictures/trailers/whatever. The robot forms of the transformers remind me of Madame Trash Heap. Or that car commercial where the "robot" is running and all the crap keeps falling off of it until it's just a guy (I'd link but for the life of me I can't remember what the commercial is for - obviously it's very effective ;). I've been saying for awhile that they're overly complicated, but upon watching a trailer just now I realize it's more than that. It literally looks like there's orbiting trash flying around them when they transform. It isn't "an axle becomes a leg" or anything like that. It's more like a molecular (albeit large molecules) transformation. I equate it to the difference between Lion Voltron and Vehicle Voltron. No one liked Vehicle Voltron, but Lion Voltron was stupendous due to its simplicity. And because you could identify the individual components in its transformed state (in the case of Voltron - Lions; in the case of Autobots - bumpers, windshields and other car-like components).

Form feet and legs!
Form arms and body!
And I'll form the head!
I think I've said enough. I'm biased. And not expecting much.

UPDATE: As mentioned by Gregg in the comments, the commercial with the crap falling off the guy is for Propel Fitness Water (select the "Stress Monster" one). And here I thought it was for a car of some sort. Like a Michael Bay Autobot - probably named Sanitation Prime.


Loudsound said...

You ever wonder why everyone on Arus weard that same drab ass brown collared pantsuit?

They don't need Voltron they need a tailor

Loudsound said...

Oh nd the trash guy song is Under Pressure by David Bowie and the commercial is for Propel Fitness Water

Garth said...

Thanks Greggy. Post updated with link.

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