WM6 Media Player Still Sucks

Posted by Garth on Sunday, May 6, 2007

WM6 Media Player Still Sucks
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See the picture there? That's what playing back a movie under WM6 looks like. Notice anything odd? Like, my device's screen is wider than it is tall (i.e. 4:3 instead of 3:4), yet that image is clearly not taking advantage of it, and is in fact rotating the picture 90 degrees. And there's no apparent way to tell Media Player to stop doing that. I tried using CorePlayer, but it just hangs my device when I try associating Windows Media format with it and begin streaming. This puts a serious damper on my Orbing. Sucktastic.

UPDATE: I noticed that someone came to this post looking for a fix for the sideways stuff, but this was the only page they hit. If you're looking for a fix, read this post.


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