Posted by Garth on Sunday, May 6, 2007

See that post below? It took me 3 tries to get it there and the formatting got effed up. This is really a continuation of the "update my blog via email" saga, which just never seems to end. This time, I tried uploading a .bmp from my phone. Email attachment with a little blog post (the text below) sent to Flickr. About 5 hours later I got an email from Flickr saying that my photo upload failed. Fine I think, maybe it's a WM6 thing, maybe I screwed up the email address... you know, benefit of the doubt and all that. So I send it again. Double check email address etc. This time I get the bounce back 4 mins later (guess the servers aren't that busy at 4am). So now I'm thinking "does flickr not accept .bmp's?". This would seem odd, considering it's an image site, and .bmps are, well, images. So I convert it to a .jpg and try again. Bam! Posted immediately. But it screwed up all the text formatting [Editor's Note: I couldn't deal with the bad formatting so I fixed it]. Also, it added the post subject under the picture as well as an "Originally uploaded by dos-boy" caption. That's never happened to me before using this method. [Editor's Note: It appears that the caption has vanished from the site, but still exists in the WYSIWYG editor when I edit the post. Very strange.] So, not only is it not accepting .bmp's, it's also reformatting my text and changing its behavior from one post to the next (which, admittedly were a couple of weeks apart, but still). So, I'm left wondering if flickr is really all it's cracked up to be. And due to the numerous limitations/problems I've encountered, I'm just not sure it is.

Do I really have to write my own interface? If so would anyone else use it? It really doesn't seem that complicated, and I'd be shocked if someone out there hasn't done this already. Basically it'd be something along the lines of...

Compared to the way it currently is...

In fact, you could even do things like referencing tags within the email body (using {}'s or the like) which could be added to the post. This really doesn't seem that hard. Just a bit of a PITA. But maybe it's worth it if it'll stop my bitching.


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