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Posted by Garth on Saturday, May 5, 2007

First thing I did after updating my ROM was to set up my GPRS/EDGE connection and my Exchange ActiveSync settings. So far so good. Sync over the air was quick and painless. A little later on I set up a partnership with my PC. When the "Syncing" began it was looking good. Then all of a sudden, errors. Sync errors.

On the Dash:
Your Internet connection is not configured properly. Please verify your settings in Connections.
Error Code: 0x85020006

On the PC:
Sync Error
Cannot connect with current connection settings. To check your connection settings, select Start, then Settings, then Connections.

I googled the error code and the messages, and there don't appear to be any resolutions. Not to mention people are complaining about this message when they're via USB, when they're using Bluetooth, or when they're just using their device to play music with no network active. To try to resolve it I deleted my server source and all partnerships from my device and my PC. Established PC partnership first. Set up EAS connection through Windows Mobile Device Center (I suppose that has a better ring to it than ActiveStink) and tried sync'ing. At first it didn't do anything, then I realized that even though I'd set up the EAS source, by default no PIM functions were set to sync. So, checked 'em all off and hit sync. Bam! Same errors as before.

When I dig into Start > Settings > Connections, I'm not really sure where else to go. As a dumb user, I had my device connected via USB. So, I went into "USB to PC". The only option in there is a checkbox for "Enable advanced network functionality". I've tried both with this checked and unchecked, and neither works. I also tried this connection over Bluetooth, but I get the same errors.

So, as of right now I can sync with my PC over Bluetooth or USB. I can sync with my Exchange server over GPRS/EDGE or WiFi. However I can't sync with my Exchange server when I'm connected to my PC. WTF?!

And yet another bit of gheyness. I just went into the Comm Manager to test sync'ing over WiFi alone without cell networking getting in the way, so I disabled "Data Connection". When I tried to re-enable it, I couldn't select the box. I had to enable "DirectPush", which automatically enabled "Data Connection", then disable "DirectPush".

Don't people test this shit?


UPDATE: So, I finished writing this. Before I posted I figured I'd do one more test. I was planning on connecting via Bluetooth then hitting a website to see if TCP/IP passthrough was working over ActiveSync. Well, I connect via Bluetooth, sync begins, and then completes. Sans errors. So, now everything appears to be working. As I said before, WTF?!


Chris Ingram said...

The issue is that your SmartPhone is having difficulty connecting to your EXCHANGE servers - switch to you local Calendar/contacts in Active Sync settings and it'll work.

Anonymous said...

If your Wi-fi keeps turning off, it is probably because you have your device plugged into the PC. The Wi-fi is disabled by Windows Mobile when it is plugged in.

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