WM6 First Thoughts

Posted by Garth on Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's shiny. Just like every MS OS upgrade, the icons are visually more appealing, as is the Today Screen (or Start Menu in the case of desktop OSes). Mail works (though I had read that it supported HTML mail, but none of the HTML emails in my inbox are displaying as HTML; maybe it's a special MSHTML that's required). Browsing works and seems to be a little snappier than WM5. It's nice that there's an Office Mobile, but you can't create docs in it, only edit existing. Voice Command is nice, but really from a phone perspective all it does is catch Windows Mobile up to the point that a $20 Nokia phone was at 5 years ago. Yay, I can say "Play Sandstorm" and it'll play the song... but I don't really like using Windows Media Player anyway so this feature is more bloat than anything. Wifi works, Bluetooth works. There's T-Mobile puke all over the place. On a positive note, the default sounds that are set are WAY less offensive than the default WM5 sounds, though I blame this more on T-Mobile than MS.

Overall, a very very minor upgrade. And yet, I'm filled with peace of mind because I now have the "latest and greatest". Heh heh... "greatest". Time to install OneNote Mobile.


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