Wii Fitness Regime

Posted by Garth on Saturday, May 19, 2007


The guy played Wii Sports for 30 mins/day for 6 weeks. Everything else lifestyle-wise remained the same.

He lost 9 lbs (went from 181 to 172), but more impressive is that his waist went from 34.5" to 31".

I think I may have found a new exercise regime... but I'd really like something more fun than Wii Sports.


)uffm@n said...

I scored a Wii Fit after a few months of hunting.

I have fallen off it trying to do yoga, broken a sweat doing rhythm step and generally laughed my ass off...

Lisa has set all the records except the sitting still game. I pwned that one.

Highly recommended! It and Mario Galaxy are my two must haves.

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