Garth likes to...

Posted by Garth on Friday, May 18, 2007

C/O my sister's latest blog entry, I figured I'd do the same and see what google has to tell me about what I like to do...

  1. Garth likes to eat.
  2. Garth likes to write about Remote Working, Software Development, Java, Ruby on Rails, the Isle of Wight and pretty much anything else that is troubling his mind at the time.
  3. Garth likes to listen to modern groups "that use keyboards well."
  4. Garth likes to call it a boner bar. [one of my favorites]
  5. Garth likes to b a law unto himself and will often go ahead and just do things that he knows that Rushton or Elspeth may not agree with , then tell them after it's already done. [no idea who Rushton or Elspeth are, but I certainly do like to "b" a law unto myself]
  6. Garth likes to say thanks to the fans
  7. Garth likes to relax by listening to his favourite music.
  8. Garth likes to shake his fist at God. [also very high up on the ranking scale]
  9. Garth likes to be rubbed all over, so please come in and give him some rubbing today! [my personal favorite]
  10. garth likes to pick his nose
Ahh, the novelties of the interweb.


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