Facebook Mobile and Pocket IE

Posted by Garth on Monday, May 7, 2007

... don't work together. At all. This was the case on my WM5 phone and on WM6 as well. And I've had a few friends try it with their WM devices with the same results. For some reason (and I've tested this thoroughly), PIE doesn't accept cookies from It accepts cookies from every other site, and sends cookies to every other browser. I have no idea what the compatibility problem is, but others on the Intarweb seem to be experiencing the same problem. I don't want to be forced to use Opera Mini just for Facebook. Bah.

UPDATE: It seems that people are still hitting this page in looking for a resolution. So let me point you googlers to my follow up posts. This one outlines my correspondence with facebook on the issue, and this one presents the resolution. Hope this helps some people out.


Loudsound said...

For what it is worth......mine *used* to work. That is when I was using PIE on my XDALive edition WM6 rom. Now that i have moved to LVSW 3.3 i am getting the same thing.....can't even login! NOt that Facebook is all that great......but i hate it when things don't work right.

Gillian said...

I thought you hated Facebook. :-)

Keco said...

yeah i hate that too. i use a pocket pc with WM5, doesn't work. i got a hack and upgraded to WM6, doesn't work.
i dusted off my old PDA with pocketPC 2003 on it and it works like a charm!

Way to do things ass backwards, Microsoft

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