Pizza Delivery

Posted by Garth on Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Thailand they have a lot of different street food vendors. They sell all sorts of things, from pork and chicken to crickets and beetles. The latter mostly in Bangkok. But today I saw the best street food vendor ever. The picture isn't great (should have taken it from the other side so that you could see the scooter that powers this contraption), but it is a mobile pizza kitchen. Two dudes drive around on this thing and for 190 baht (or about $6) you can buy a pizza that they cook off their mobile pizza oven. And it's powered by a 150cc scooter (and probably a couple of tanks of propane). They say it takes 6 mins, but it really took more like 10-15. But for $6 it's a pretty good pizza (actually, I don't really know; I didn't try any). They also sell slices for 50 baht (or about $1.70), but I don't think they'd compare in size or quality to Pizza Pizza.

Oh, Toronto pizza, how I miss thee.


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