Facebook is Dead to Me

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am officially cancelling my facebook account.  The other day someone in my friends list had a "Like" about some video.  Curious, I wanted to check out the video, so I clicked the link.  Well, it turns out that in simply VIEWING the video the site developer injected a "Like" on my account for that video as well.  I never said I liked it.  In fact, I didn't really like it.  Having my own little pocket of information on the web that I can direct my friends to is nice, but when people start doing stupid shit it makes me angry.  Google "facebook auto like" and you'll see a bunch of black-hat forums where script kiddies are doing this all over the place.  Next it's gonna be "auto let-app-have-access-to-my-details", then "auto take-over-my-account".  No thanks.  And just now I tried to download a PDF from Scribd.  It said I could use my facebook account to log in and download it instead of creating an account there.  So I chose that option... then it said it needed access to my account.  Well, eff that.  I'm not giving some random website access to my facebook details so I can d/l a pdf file that's already visible for me to read (just not to save).  So, this blog (soon to be migrated to a different environment and spruced up quite a bit - when I have time that is) will continue to be my personal pocket of information on the web.  Which _I_ control.

Gregg, you had it right all along.  Fuck Facebook.


Gregg said...

I'm....i'm just choked up with emotion right now *sniff* *tear* Welcome Home!

Hopefully the rumored Google Me might be a good alternative. I am feeling a lot of people getting fed up with Facebook, the privacy intrusions, the banality, the many many lame apps that ask for money.

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