I <3 Google

Posted by Garth on Monday, November 9, 2009

Really.  A lot.

I was thinking about writing a little code that took English subtitles and translated them into Thai (or any other language) using Google's Translation tools.  Then I stumbled across Jubler, which already incorporates that functionality.

Then I thought I'd like to read Le Mort d'Arthur since I've always been a fan of the King Arthur stories and am currently watching the BBC series Merlin with my gf.  Interestingly enough, many episodes of this show have had their dialogs translated into Thai subtitles.  Then I got thinking that my gf probably doesn't know the original legend/myth (the Merlin show is somewhat bastardized, but entertaining nonetheless).  So I hopped over to Project Gutenberg to see if I could find the original stories.  Then I hopped onto Google Translate and used their Google Translator Toolkit to upload the html files provided by and translate them into Thai.  I admit, they're not perfect (there's random English words scattered throughout the text) but I'm sure they're passable.  So now my gf has something to read on my iPod Touch, and all for free!  And there's a plethora of books available at, all ripe for the pickings.

Project Gutenberg, I <3 thee.  And Google, I <3 thee even more.


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