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Posted by Garth on Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I've moved again.  Sold off my share of Dos at a substantial loss, but it beats the alternative.  So, rather than keep living there I decided to move again.  Househunting is a pain here, as the only things listed on the 'net are for farangs by farangs.  Which means expensive.  The ideal situation for getting a house here is to have a Thai person drive around on their motorbike and call other Thai people when they see House for Rent signs (usually written in Thai).  At any rate, I tried that method for a bit and looked at a few places, but none of them really wowed me.  Then I found this apartment complex online.  Yes, it's for farangs run by farangs (I think the owner is Canadian actually).  I have basically the same amount of space I had at Dos - one room studio.  But I also have a small kitchenette and the attention to detail is quite nice.  I'll be taking some pics of the inside once I've cleaned up my moving-in explosion of crap, but in the meantime please enjoy the following pool and 360 panorama pics of the roof.  THAT'S what wowed me.  Wow.  And I'm paying roughly the same as I was at Dos (8500 baht/month + electricity and water; Dos was 10k all in).


Gregg said...

That pool looks cool enough to serve as a backdrop for a hip-hop video. Good to hear you got the Dos bidnezz sorted and are gettign some new digs. Questions:

1) Does this new place have a separate shower or can you still bathe while on the crapper?
2) Does it have a stove/range in the kitchenette or are you sticking with your electric plate to make your KD?

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