Posted by Garth on Friday, August 21, 2009

I was presented with a question tonight during a (moderately) heated discussion between myself and two Republican Americans.

Q: "Let's say a guy at the end of the street had a real problem with you. He said to you 'I hate you. When I have enough money to buy a gun, I'm going to kill you.'. What would you do?"
A: "Well... I'd try to reason with him and understand why he hates me so much. Then I'd try to convince him not to kill me"

Questioner's Response: "That was such an Obama answer. That was what Obama would say".

He obviously intended this as an insult of sorts, but I took it as a compliment. He was basically trying to get me to say "I'd buy a gun and shoot him first", which, honestly, I'd never do. This may be a cliche, but a bullet won't protect you from a bullet.  I.e. if someone shoots me, having a gun in my belt won't save my life.

My $0.02.


Gregg said...

two words. Death Panels.

That explains the state of conservatism in the United States which ironically is seeming very very un-united these days.

Anonymous said...

ugg. death to Sarah Palin for sensationalizing that term. I'm all for a successful woman but only an intelligent one.

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