Ankle Pr0n

Posted by Garth on Friday, February 6, 2009

Since I was kind enough to show you all a picture of my foot last time I twisted my ankle I figured I'd do the same this time.  I actually thought when taking the picture that it was more bruised up this time, but in comparing the two it seems that they're virtually identical.  In fact, aside from the background and a slight shape difference on the upper bruise I had trouble telling them apart.  So, for your viewing pleasure, ankle pr0n.

                       ROUND 2                                                                            ROUND 3

It's too bad I didn't think to do this the first time I twisted it.  I could have started an ankle pr0n scrapbook.


Mom said...

There is definitely more swelling in the Round 3 pic. Guess my suggestion to wrap a tensor should be more like get a wheelchair! Curious to know how you manage to do this so consistently--

Michael said...

Dude - stop taking pictures of your damaged feet. Now I have to wait until you post something else, maybe 3 posts before I can come back.

Is there some strengthening exercises you can do you something? It seems odd that this keeps happening.

Ricky said...

Looks like Fred Flintstone's foot!

Anonymous said...

Good God! Buy yourself an ankle tensor or brace so you don't do this again. Remember to negotiate the price of the brace by at least 50%. Damn it!


Peter said...

Noooo! Still the ankle pr0n! Blog faster man!

Anonymous said...

get in shape man.

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