Pinhole Glasses

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ho-lee shit!  Who'd've thunk it?  These things actually work!  I was at the airport in Singapore and browsing stuff in a drug store (since Thailand's personal hygiene and other drug store type supplies kind of sucks) and I saw these things on display.  "What a joke" I thought... then I put them on.  Instantly text on a sign that I was looking at sharpened up and went from slightly blurry to crystal clear.  I don't understand how they work (though it's explained here), but they do.  And I bought a pair.  I've yet to use them for night driving (which is really what I want them for) but I can't see them hurting things.  And if, long term, they improve my vision (which surgery can't do apparently) then that's just a bonus.


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