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Posted by Garth on Sunday, November 16, 2008

I need some assistance from my loyal readers.  I have two new things in my life that need names.  Don't worry, neither of them is a baby (thank god!).  The first is a cat.  It's not really mine, but it seems to be a stray and I've been feeding it lately, so it thinks it's mine.  It's around all the time and has taken to wandering into my house when the door is open and sleeping on my living room floor.  Initially we were just calling it "Cat", but the other day Gregg checked it out, so now we call it "Girl Cat".  I need something better.  The only real criteria for this name is that it needs to be feminine (since it's a girl) and it would be cool if it was in Thai, or at least Thai-like.  If you can come up with a good English name, this site might help to translate it into Thai for me.  I use it a lot (it's how I found gra rok).

The second thing that needs a name is my new car.  Well, officially it's a used car, but it's new for me, and it's the first car I've ever owned.  The criteria that's involved here is a little more involved.  It's gotta be an Autobot-esque name.  It has to be unique, and it has to sound like he could roll with the Autobots (pun intended).  I'm going to be putting a small Autobot logo on either the rear windshield or the spoiler.  Though the spoiler is a little small, so I'm leaning towards the rear windshield.  Also, I may get it repainted.  Either straight silver or high gloss black.  I'm really not all that keen on the Veilside stuff.  FYI, it's a 1997 Toyota Corona XLi with crazy dark tinted windows, black leather interior and a racing steering wheel that's smaller than my old Logitech racing rig.  It also appears to have an oversized airhorn and an oversized muffler.  So, help me out with a cool name like Jazz or Sideswipe or Mirage or Prowl.  All those names also represented the character's personality or special ability... and my car has neither yet.  Bonus points if you can come up with a backstory including personality and special ability.


Vinhsanity said...

Hahaha! You're a 30-something year old RICER complete with the Autobot sticker :) Sweet ride man...What's your 1/4 mile time? How many HP do you push in that?

Name the cat Jett.

Garth said...

Ya, I know it's a ricer... but I figured identifying it as such would offend the Asians in the crowd. And from a performance perspective I don't think it's really riced up... just looks the part. In other words I have no idea what the answers to your questions are.

Nice cat name suggestion. Do you know if that word means anything in Thai (i.e. did you look it up or make it up)?

amy said...

hi! I got here from your sister's blog. Just a word of wisdom regarding the cat: when a female cat adopted my family (she showed up, we fed her, she stayed), she immediately got pregnant, and then we had 6 cats. So if she's not fixed, fix her.

Michael Reid said...

I think you should call the cat Pad Thai. Are you sure its not a guy? Tom Yum would be a wicked name.

The car? I think you should call it FOB. Oh wait - thats your name.

Congrats on the car... get rid of the cat imho.

Garth said...

We're FOPs here. No one comes in on a boat anymore.

And ya, unless that cat is a Katoey, it's a girl.

Anonymous said...

dude. that car is ridiculous lol. Is corona mexican slang for corolla? ;)

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