Posted by Garth on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the heels of What I'm Watching the other day, I'd just like to comment on a couple of shows.  Let's take Weeds.  Hands down, every episode delivers a punch, and every episode not only moves the plot forward, but literally propels the plot forward.  For a 30 (minus network shit; ~24 mins overall) minute show, this is phenomenal.

Then there's Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Tonight's (well, maybe last night, depending on which timezone you're in) episode was awesome.  As was last week's.  Moving the plot forward.  This is what I look for in a TV show.  Now, here's the rub... Heroes Season 1 did this in the most imaginative way possible.  But season 2... well, it sucked.  There may have been a little bit of plot development each episode, but it was minor with a HUGE jump forward in the last episode (obviously due to the writer's strike, but that's not forgiveness).  Anyway, suffice it to say that Weeds left a great season ending cliffhanger, and TTSCC is doing a great job of making me want to watch the next episode.  Heroes did a great job of making me want to stop watching the show altogether.  And Show(case/time?)... there's no question that Weeds is the cream of the crop... or the fluffy white crystalized plant... of the crop, as the case may be.  So, to you networks that are providing quality... good job.  To the rest of you... Boo!  Boo I say!


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