Low Season

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm beginning to understand why September and October are considered low season in Phuket.  Since September 1st the rain has not stopped.  Ok, that's not entirely true, as there are times of the day where it's simply overcast and no water is actually falling from the sky.  But every day since September 1st there have been massive downpours.  Last night I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and thought my house was going to blow away.  The combination of wind and crazy amounts of rain actually prevented me from sleeping for a large part of the night.  Interestingly enough I was sleeping in a room without a/c (but with a floor fan and ceiling fan) and I actually had to turn the floor fan off because I was too cold.  Assuming I can actually get a good night's sleep (the last couple of nights have been sketchy to say the least) I may actually start training again.  This weather might allow me to reduce my sweat output to that of a normal person in 30+ degree weather.


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