Posted by Garth on Saturday, August 30, 2008

As I'm sure most bloggers do, I frequently check to see who has been visiting my blog and where they come from (ok, so really I just check where they come from cuz it's not like they sign in or anything).  At any rate, today I have a bunch of entries from Crystal Lake, Illinois.  CRYSTAL LAKE!!!  Now, I'm not saying I'm scared or anything, but if Jason Voorhees can take Manhattan, then end up on board a spaceship in the future, then return to the present and cut off Freddy's head, he can probably find his way to Thailand.  I'm just surprised he managed to figure out how to use the internet.  He never seemed all that bright.

I also get some visitor from in Toronto.  Now, appears to be the Southern Ontario Library Service, and is obviously their internet gateway.  So either there's someone that works there who is a frequent visitor or someone who uses their internet that is a frequent visitor.  Problem is that none of my friends are literate.  Ok, that's not true, but I don't know anyone that frequents and/or works at a library.  So, visitor, if you're reading this could you identify yourself via a comment or the Contact page?  I'd greatly appreciate it as my curiosity has been piqued for some time now and I like to know who's stalking me.


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