Who is NOT Using Google?

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Due to some SEO that has been requested of me I did a little analytics poking into the Search Engine Wars. I've really never given any thought to MSN or Yahoo as far as my blog is concerned, believing that they are dinosaurs in the 21st century world of the Goog. But in my exploring I realized that MSN doesn't even know I exist, and Yahoo doesn't seem to care that I exist. For example, searching for on MSN brings up some pages that reference this blog, but it has never actually indexed the blog itself. Searching for on Yahoo brings up the blog and it has been indexed, however searching for outlook signature vista or outlook signature location vista never returns any reference to my blog, whereas on Google either of those search criterias puts me as this post as the first hit.

Upon checking Google Analytics in the last month I've had 769 hits from Google, with the next highest being 15 hits from Yahoo. Obviously Yahoo thinks less of me than Google does, but this is a massive discrepancy. And it begs the question which is the title of this post... who is not using Google? And why not? According to this comScore press release, Google holds 61.5% of the search market with Yahoo at 20.9% and Microsoft at 9.2%. I'm actually surprised that Google isn't higher. At any rate, when it comes to SEO, is it really worthwhile to target anyone other than Google? Google has the market cornered on relevance, and though there's about 40% of the population not using Google, is it really worth trying to drive them to your site to buy your product? After all, if they're not using Google do you really want them as customers?


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riveting stuff...i want more tales of self-inflicted injury and poor decision-making.

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