Two Random Events

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Have two more events, kind of along the previous Surreal post, that made me just kind of sit back and be a little wowed. Actually, since I posted that, every day there's been something that's triggered a little internal "wow", but not necessarily blogworthy events. Anyway, for these two I present them to you in chronological order.

Nail Sliver
As previously mentioned, I had a sliver under one of my fingernails. It was just past the white of my nail, which meant that it was bound to hurt getting it out. I decided Sunday was gonna be the day, so Sunday morning I trimmed my nail down as short as I possibly could. But the only tweezers I have have rounded ends - not very conducive to getting up under a fingernail and grabbing hold of a sliver. That afternoon I'm sitting around at Dos Gringos and Tuk comes over and sits beside me. I ask her (using a lot of hand motions and charade-like actions) if she has any tweezers so that I can try to get this sliver out from under my nail. She understood and went off to get her tools. Came back with the perfect pair of tweezers (angled ends that come to a sharp point) and a nail trimmer/file combo. I start digging for the sliver with her tweezers and after about 3 failed attempts she asks me to try. I cautiously let her take hold of my finger as I'm not 100% sure what she's gonna do here, but what's life without a little risk? Anyway, she starts poking around and manages to get a piece of it out, then she starts trimming back the nail even further. Note that at this point there's no more white left, so I'm a little worried (mostly about pain), but she's pretty careful and does it a bit at a time. Anyway, this goes on for awhile with her able to extract the sliver in 2 more pieces after about 5 mins of subsequent attempts, and a fair chunk of nail cut out (and a little bit of pain, but luckily there was plenty of tequila around to help me get over it). She finishes, I graciously thank her and I assume that we're done. But she grabs my finger again and proceeds to file the nail in an attempt to even it out. This small post-operation action struck me as completely unnecessary and yet totally cool. I think it was a combination of her determination at getting the sliver out and her follow-up filing and aesthetic clean-up that caused this particular "wow".

Drunken Lizard
There are lots of lizards around here. They're all tiny, like the size of a gecko (and they might even be geckos - I'm no lizard expert). They just kinda hang out on walls and ceilings, and every once in awhile they'll make a mad dash for it. So they're not uncommon to see, but the little buggers are pretty fast, and I don't think I could catch one if I tried. Anyway, yesterday I was cleaning up my balcony a bit and there was a half full glass of rye & ginger out there that had been there for a day or two. I pick it up and bring it inside, but as I'm about halfway to the bathroom to rinse it out I look down and there's a little lizard clinging to the inside of the glass. I turn around and walk back out to the balcony, and within a few seconds of me getting back out there it leapt from it's perch inside the glass onto the balcony floor and scurried away somewhere out of sight. I think the "wow" here is obvious. There was a freaking lizard in my 2-day old glass of rye & ginger. Wow.


Vinhsanity said...

Sure, Thailand has lizards, but where can you find crabs like you can in Toronto?

btw: You need to drop that "Hardcore Party Guy" handle and start going by "Gingerballs" again.

Vinhsanity said...

btw: hey Nancy, I think you are the first person to ever dedicate a blog entry to a sliver.

Garth said...

a) You're the expert in crabs, Mr. Tran.
b) Actually Carl, the other Canadian guy at Dos Gringos, has referred to me as Gingerballs on occasion. But Hardcore Party Guy is much more flattering.
c) I'm sure google would say otherwise, but if not then I get bonus points for being the first. And it was only half a blog entry :P

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