Montezuma's Revenge

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seems I've come down with a case. I'm not going to bore you with the gory details, but suffice it to say that last night was rough. Lucky for me my travel doctor knew what he was doing and gave me a prescription for Azithromycin. According to the chart here (near the bottom of the page), Azithromycin is just what the doctor ordered (I was going to say "no pun intended", but I'm not sure if that even is a pun, given that it actually IS what the doctor ordered). Anyway, I probably should have taken some last night, but I figured I'd wait it out and see what happened. And since I'm in a similar state today (minus the fever and cold shakes) I decided to give 'er a go and see what happens. I am a little concerned since I only have one "dose" (i.e. 3 days worth) but it seems that I only need to take it as required, and not actually complete all 3 days if I don't need to. Pardon the geek analogy, but I don't like to use up all my health potions at once - always gotta have a few spares just in case you get attacked unexpectedly (in this case by an evil, soul-sucking bacterial parasite). An interesting sidenote here is that the information pamphlet included with the Azithromycin lists diarrhea as a possible side effect. Hmm.

Oh, and I have a sliver under one of my fingernails. Doesn't really hurt, but it's been there a couple days and I'm a little concerned about infection. Need to do something about it, but the problem is that it's lodged in past the white of my nail, which means it's gonna be a bitch to get out. Still haven't figured out exactly how to pull that one off.


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