Posted by Garth on Friday, June 6, 2008

Went to Patong yesterday. Didn't take any pictures cuz I suck. But I did get accosted by some tailor guy trying to give me the hard sell on a suit (my mistake was actually being friendly and following him into his shop). $85 CAD apparently. Whatever... it's not like I'm gonna be wearing a suit anytime soon. Wandered around a bit, had a few beers, saw some ladyboys dancing on a pedestal and even saw some ladyboy boobs (those ladyboys sure aren't shy). Wow. What an oxymoron. At any rate, my method of differentiating - strong calves and big feet. Oh, and they tend to adjust their junk. Surprisingly I didn't get accosted by bargirls, but then I didn't wander too much. Ended up at some clubby club where drinks were twice as much as anywhere else I've been yet and the music was kinda weak. But it had good lights (those of you who have partied with me know how much I love good lighting in a club). No lasers, but still decent. Oh, and I have no idea what it was called. Sensation or something. Doesn't really matter, cuz I don't plan on going back.

And that was my evening in Patong. Haven't been training for a few days cuz this stupid pain in my side is still bugging me, and I'm almost out of Thai Cocktails. So I'm gonna move on Sunday and just chill out at Dos Gringos for awhile until the pain goes away then start up again. Good thing I only paid for a week.


Gillian said...

$85 is mad cheap for a custom suit - maybe you should go back after you get hotbody from all your kickboxing!

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