OMG I'm Happy

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Drunk and happy. Upon Mike's recommendation I ventured out to Chalong Pier and "some mexican restaurant run by a guy named Gary". Well, it turns out Gary is in Ireland right now but his partner Shaun is running the place. And he's cool. And he's gonna charge me 10,000 baht (~$309 CAD) for the month. With WAY better accommodations than Tiger would provide me. Faster internet; better mattress; desk... what more could I ask for? And he hooked me up with a guy that will charge me 2500 baht for a scooter. So for 12,500 I can get great accommodations AND transportation. OMG Mike I love you (in a purely heterosexual way). But seriously, love. Pics of Chalong Pier (including stitching) to come.

Also, I think (i.e. I know) I bought a 300 baht card for my phone today... but I dunno if I brought it with me or left it at the bar.


Gillian said...

so does this mean you're going to stay at "school" but live somewhere else? Did you negotiate beer with your rent, too?

Vinhsanity said...

I hope you know that the bed comes with Gary.

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