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Posted by Garth on Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moved into my new room. Nicer, cleaner, less bugs and some drawers. No desk though, which is a little disappointing and which I'm gonna have to talk to Shaun about when I see him. But there's a couple of nightstands which will work as makeshift computer desks in the meantime. Internet seems pretty snappy and I have a strong signal to the wireless. All in all a good choice for me.


Vinhsanity said...

What's with beds in Thailand? Does nobody have a bedframe?

kkha said...
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Gregg said...

whiney whiney little manboy! staying at a place for like 300 a MONTH and bitching you have no desk?!??! You should be happy you have walls.

hehehe looks like a nice spot tho mate - good score

Michael Reid said...

I love the fact that Garth's blog says:

I'm currently in: Mostly cloudy, 24 degrees.

I'm glad I'm not in: Intermittent cloud, 26 degrees.


Garth said...

It's not about the temperature or weather conditions... I'm just glad I'm not in Toronto. The weather widget is just added value.


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