New Name

Posted by Garth on Monday, May 19, 2008

I need a new name here. Asians seem to have a lot of trouble pronouncing the "arth" in "Garth". Also, I had my first Garth Brooks reference tonight. As in:

"Hi. I'm Garth."
"Like Garth Brooks?"
"*sigh* Yup. Like Garth Brooks."

I'm thinking Steve (for obvious reasons if you've seen The Tao of Steve), but am open to suggestions in the comments.

Why do I feel like I'm setting myself up? Likely cuz my friends are dicks.

UPDATE: So I'm thinking "Red". Still might be a little tricky to pronounce (might come out as "Led" in some cases) but easier than "arth". Also, if I actually follow through with some time at Tiger Muay Thai then my Muay Thai name would be "Red Tiger". Much cooler than "Garth Tiger". Also cooler than "Gingerballs Tiger", but <sarcasm>thanks Vinh for the suggestion</sarcasm>.


Vinhsanity said...

What's wrong with your street name, "Gingerballs"?

Vinhsanity said...

Hey, you need to remove the "Moderator Approval" thing on comments so that everyone can instantly laugh and comment at your misfortune.

Garth said...

Alright, I'll see how it goes w/o moderation. Had some bad luck in the past so might turn it back on, but we'll see. Just for you Vinh.

Vinhsanity said...

Haha...You are such a sucker!

Let the childish, offensive games begin :)

Who needs facebook afterall?

Garth said...

Vinh, I didn't realize that since you've left facebook my blog is about to become your replacement. And by that I mean an outlet for your "childish, offensive games" and attempt at wittiness at my expense. But what the hell... if I don't like something you write I can always delete it :)

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