Whale Watching

Posted by Garth on Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Went whale watching on Sunday with Len, Monbill and a bunch more of Gregg's friends (Gregg and Liz were absent as there ended up being a spare ticket which was offered to me and which I graciously accepted). I'd never seen a whale before, at least in real life. And suffice it to say that I wasn't disappointed. In fact the tour guide guys were saying that what we saw is a once in a lifetime experience. There was one whale that breached (that means jumped out of the water, for those of you who aren't down with the whale watching terminology) three times in a row, then proceeded to stick his tail out of the water and splash it around a bunch of times. And that was just the beginning. Then we followed a group of six whales around, including a mother and some babies, who just sorta swam alongside us occasionally coming up to spout every once in awhile. For those of you that know the difference between types of whales (I don't), these were humpback. It was a pretty impressive sight to see. The pictures were taken by Monbill, as he brought along his big-ass DSLR and I just had my crappy Kaiser camera, so I figured I'd let him do all the work as there's no way anything I took would have compared.

We also saw flying fish. I'd never even heard of these things, but they exist. And literally, they are just that... fish that fly. They jump out of the water and sail along in the air for a few meters then land in the water again. Ahh, the wonders of the deep.

Other than the whales and flying fish, it was a bright sunny day. Surprisingly, I don't think I burned anything other than my knees, and they only appear a little burned. The boat was rocking quite a bit, and it definitely gave me new respect for Mike who had to have his sea legs on for weeks at a time. Hell, I could barely walk to the bathroom without falling over multiple times. I also couldn't figure out how to flush it, but I'm sure the next person that used it had more luck than me. And by "sure" I mean "I hope for their sake", cuz splashback on that boat would've been a bitch.


Mother said...

Great photos-great experience--I have seen flying fish--crazy sight!

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