New Lappy, Mac & Cheese and Depressing Comedy

Posted by Garth on Friday, March 28, 2008

Got into New York yesterday late afternoon. My flight from Toronto was delayed by about 1.5 hours (the amount of time it actually takes to fly to NY from TO) so it departed at the time it was supposed to arrive. Which meant I didn't have enough time upon arrival to swing by my sister's office and pick up my shiny new tablet PC. Instead I went to her place where her gracious bf, Ken (no relation to the Ken mentioned a couple posts ago) let me in and then left me to my own devices for about 3 hours until the two of them returned from their various commitments. So I went to the convenience store, bought a 6-pack (isn't the States (or really anywhere other than Ontario) great when you can buy beer at a non-government-run establishment that's open past 8pm?), and sat around reading Time Out New York and drinking some tasty ale.

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn (i.e. 9am) and took a subway ride with my sister to her office to pick up my new baby. Was back at her place by 11 and spent the afternoon configuring (i.e. running updates, installing Office and other requisite software, etc.) Grimlock (gotta stick with the Transformers naming convention). Met her and Ken for dinner this evening at S'MAC, a niche little restaurant that only sells macaroni and cheese, though they do it quite well and offer a huge variety of both cheeses and mix-ins. I had the Alpine, a winning combination of swiss cheese and, of course, bacon. After that we headed over to a bar called Happy Ending for what we thought was going to be some sort of comedy show. Instead it turned out to be some sort of lecture series, of which this was the first. This one just happened to be on comedy. So it was comedians lecturing about comedy. Well, I presume it was anyway. We heard the first guy then we had to go. It was depressing. And not funny. And a little difficult to listen to. Maybe the rest of them were amazing, but the three of us just couldn't deal anymore. So we headed back to my sister's neck of the woods and went to Ocean's 8, a sports/pool bar so that Ken could watch college basketball.

Tomorrow I plan to do more configuration, maybe grab a few shows to watch on the plane (I've gotten really hooked on Entourage lately for reasons I can't yet explain), then head out for dinner to a french bistro with Brianna. Not really my style, but I'm on vacation and even if I don't really try something new (foodwise that is), getting out of my comfort zone is what it's all about. Saturday I head to Bermuda (at 7:35am!) for 2 weeks of relaxation, tempering my skin to adapt to sunlight and riding scooters (and probably more drinking than will make my liver happy). I'll be super impressed if I don't miss my flight (knock wood).

Also, for you loyal readers (I'm looking at you, Mike), hopefully all of my future entries won't be so drab and boring as this one. But it's my first post on my new tablet and my first post on my sojourn around the world, so I figure it's ok if it's a little dry. I'm thinking next time you don't need to know what I ate for breakfast (beer and "Red Hot Flavored" potato chips - and lemme tell you, these bastards are HOT!), but this time around I figured it'd be better to have some verbal (typographic?) diarrhea than to try and filter and end up with blogger's block.

Time to install Vista SP1. Which reminds me, I have a good Vista rant coming up in a future post regarding Media Center and XviD (and I've only been using it again for about 12 hours).


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