Posted by Garth on Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do people that buy Macs buy them because of the commercials? I read yesterday (or was it today?) that Mac had 6% market share. That is neither here nor there (i.e. positive or negative - i'm being market share agnostic here), but they spend a lot on advertising. Way more than Dell (27+% market share as I recall) or HP (20+% market share... I should really look this crap up). Or, well, maybe Dell and HP spend more than Apple does, but as a consumer I see WAY more Apple ads. So my question is... does advertising, at least in the PC space, equal revenue / market share? Or are revenue and market share independent? I suppose they are, since if Apple increases market share by 0.1% they increase their revenue by a much larger percentage than 0.1. However if Dell decreases market share by 0.1% their revenue may decrease by significantly more than 0.1%. At any rate, Apple has a lot to gain and Dell/HP have a lot to lose. But seriously, if you're gonna buy a Mac, you're gonna buy a Mac. If you're gonna buy a Windows box and you see an Apple commercial, will that sway you? Cuz I'm thinking not. However, I'm obviously a Windows fanboy. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?


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