Rogers and HSDPA

Posted by Garth on Friday, September 14, 2007

So I signed up for the 25MB data plan. $60/month. When discussing this with Gene and looking at data speeds he prompted me to do the math on how quickly I would burn through that 25MB with a sustained download. HSDPA has a theoretical throughput of 3.6Mbps. 25MB = 200Mb.

200/3.6 ~= 55

So at 3.6Mbps I chew through my months' worth of data in, oh, about 55 seconds.


Now, I'm not going to actually get 3.6Mbps, but still. This is utterly ridiculous. That means I'm paying approximately $1/second to be downloading. Oh, and if I go over I pay $7/MB. Which, at 3.6Mbps works out to $3.15/second. Fucking ridiculous. I have no sympathy for anyone complaining about data costs in the US, roaming or otherwise. And have I mentioned that I hate Rogers?

I'm going to leave WiFi on all the time and see what kind of toll that has on my battery life. Accidentally using HSDPA for extended periods will cause problems... with my bank account.


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