HTC Kaiser/P4550/TyTN II on Rogers

Posted by Garth on Monday, September 10, 2007

I have it on reasonably good authority that the Kaiser/P4550/TyTN II will be available from Rogers sometime around February. Unfortunately I can't reveal how I know this information, but it is reputable.

That is all.


Robert said...

Well, February and almost March has come and gone. Just wondering if you had updated information on the TyTN II launch on Rogers. :)

Garth said...

Turns out that Rogers has tested and approved the Kaiser and will be carrying it at some point. The problem is that they currently have a surplus of TyTN units and aren't willing to release the TyTN II until they've cleared out that inventory. So at this point there's no telling how long it'll take for them to release it. I purchased mine through Though it's obviously not carrier subsidized their service is good and I'd recommend them if you're desperate.

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