Posted by Garth on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This may be a bit of a drunken rant, but bear with me. I just saw an ad on TBS for It basically reminded me of (you remember them). I find this a little fascinating, because as I recall (and I may be wrong, and were I sober I would look this up but it's more interesting to just "recall") it was shut down for copyright issues. As in they got sued by the people that were producing the ads because they were rebroadcasting them (we're talking ADS here... as in ADVERTISEMENTS - you know, to try to get a large audience to see so that you can sell product). So, I find it very interesting that TBS is now "sponsoring" a similar site. Which means they're probably paying licensing rights to advertisers. The difference between now and then being that it is now seen as a lucrative business, whereas then it was a cost center. But really, what's the difference? Ads? Are they going to show google adwords while you're watching a video on their site... in other words, an ad? I haven't even visited the site yet (and to be honest, won't until tomorrow as I want to be coherent and critical), but I'm definitely intrigued, both by the content (adcritic was always fantastic) and by their business model. Who knows... maybe it's just a loss leader to push TBS (the TV channel). Or maybe they actually have a valid, lucrative business model. Or maybe it's just a bit of getting their feet wet in the internet business without investing too much capital. I'm sure I'll post my opinion once I've checked it out. So perhaps this really is unfounded drunken ramblings. More to come...


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