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Posted by Garth on Monday, July 16, 2007

Things were going along well for awhile (with the exception of that Bluetooth issue mentioned here). But over the last few days I've noticed that when I plug the Q in via USB things are odd. Right now for example, the Q is plugged in. ActiveSync says it's connected. But Vista (WMDC) is reporting an error, details of which are:

Synchronization could not be completed. See
That link takes you to the main MS Windows Mobile page, here. Utterly useless. The only references I can find to the error code, 0x8007274a, are regarding older versions of ActiveSync, and nothing relating to Vista. I suppose I could try the crap outlined here (4th post down) and adapt it to Vista, but that seems like a real pain.

I just looked down at the Q and ActiveSync said it was sync'ing. Wheel just spinning, nothing happening, error message in Vista. So I disconnect the USB cable and sync via Bluetooth. Works perfectly. ActiveSync on the Q says it's connected. WMDC on Vista has a nice little green checkmark.

Why is this tech so flaky? Where are my log files with some sort of useful information? Bah.

Update: See here for a mediocre workaround.


Brian said...

I just encountered the same issue with my T-Mobile SDA. Haven't found a solution yet, but I'll post if I find anything. Or have you solved the issue already?

Anonymous said...

Had the same problem with Cingular MDA. Did following which eventually fixed the issue.
Repair MS Office install
Remove partnership from both device and ActiveSync
Toggle "Use advanced functionality" in Settings on PDA under PC-USb

douchebaggery said...

FWIW - I am using a Treo 700wx and was having the same issue you noted above. I hit the "USBswitch" icon in my programs directory and it (appears) to have fixed this problem. Not sure if you have such an program on your devices but I thought I'd share

Garth said...

I take it the USBswitch app is on the Treo itself? I don't have this on the Q and haven't seen it on any other Windows Mobile devices I've used. Must be specific to the Treo.

Anonymous said...

I managed to get this working again by doing a hard reset of my motorola q9h.

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