Posted by Garth on Thursday, May 3, 2007

Why does this keep happening to me?!?! Is it Vista? Is it Lenovo? WTF?!?!

inhale ... exhale ... inhale ... exhale

Ok... so my effing keyboard keeps changing its character set, but only in a specific application. Happened once here when I was talking to my sister via MSN Messenger, but it was limited to MSN. Now it just happened in Firefox when I was creating this blog entry. My quotes (") were showing up as weird-ass-apostrophes (`). And my question marks (?) were showing up as capital E accent aigu (É). Why does this keep happening?!

P.S. I hate how Blogger's WYSIWYG editor interprets <'s and >'s as HTML. I understand that if I click the "Edit Html" tab it should do that, but not in the "Compose" tab. The "Compose" tab should translate < and > to "&lt;" and ">" respectively.

Wow, that paragraph was hard to figure out manually and get it to display properly.


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