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Posted by Garth on Friday, May 4, 2007

Some neat site statistics and tidbits about this sorta crap. I've been using Google Analytics and Feedburner for site stats, after a bit of research into what's best. I'm not 100% satisfied with Google Analytics as it doesn't seem to give me raw data, but rather analyzes the data and presents it in a pre-defined manner. I just wanna see raw data sometimes. But overall it tells me some interesting stuff. Feedburner generally just seems to be the only way to track RSS feeds. And it does a decent job. So here's some interesting stats (especially so since I don't really have a theme, and generally presume that my sister is the only one reading this)...

Google Analytics
In the last week I've had visitors from:

  • Toronto, ON
  • Long Branch, ON
  • Nepean, ON
  • Preston, ON
  • Don Mills, ON
  • Vineburg, CA
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Singapore
  • Bermuda
Admittedly Bermuda, Brooklyn and Toronto (and probably Don Mills, Long Branch and maybe Nepean) are my friends and family, but the other locations are pretty impressive. Especially since up until yesterday the last time my site was crawled by Google (according to Google Webmaster Tools) was on the 18th, and as of yesterday was the 24th. Yes, this doesn't make sense, but obviously Google Webmaster Tools aren't really updated in real time, and are probably updated on a weekly basis or longer. Nonetheless, this post hasn't been indexed yet, and as far as I'm concerned it's what should be bringing in traffic :)

I suppose this is a little less impressive, but there's 6 subscribers. That means 6 of you are going to read this post (well, I suppose you might not, but you know). I can't believe that many people actually subscribe to the verbal diarrhea that... well, I suppose it's not verbal... the typographical diarrhea? ... that is coming out of my fingers at this very moment. Will wonders never cease.


Gillian said...

We're just *that* interested in your life.

Loudsound said...

and its Bloggerrhea........know it well my friend :)

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