Bad or Missing Command Interpreter

Posted by Garth on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And that is why I became Dosboy. To rid the world of the evil command interpreter. Err, that is, to provide the command interpreter to the world. Or at the very least find it again when it goes missing. Or reprimand it for being bad.

Dosboy is a nickname that my sister began calling me back in the day, when the only GUI for a PC was DOS Shell. To this day, 15+ years later, she still calls me Dos. I tried adopting OS/2man when I moved beyond DOS, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it and never caught on.

First things first... in case anyone's actually reading this (which I highly doubt), there is no theme. No rhyme or reason. In fact, there may not even be complete sentences. The overwhelming reason that I've never really taken up blogging properly is that it seems too much like work. Well, with my sister's assistance I've managed to enter the 21st century (well, you know, not including the first couple of years) and create a blog which I can easily add posts via my phone. Via email actually, as blogger doesn't support Canadian cell phone carriers, but since I have email on my phone, 1+1=2. And actually, I realize that blogger supports this, but the problem I've had in the past is with picture attachments (and them getting stripped off of the message). This is where my sister, the pro blogger, came in. She directed me to flickr which hooks into blogger and lets me send emails with picture attachments which don't get stripped out. Excellent. Interestingly enough, she also taught me how to navigate the flickr UI. For some reason, even though I pride myself on being a geek, the flickr UI has always held some mystery for me.

Hmm... just thought of something. I don't know how I can add html to posts via email via my phone. I wonder if standard html tags will work, or if they'll be interpreted using > and the like. Ah well, that's a test for another day.

There. This is the end of my first post. And hopefully not the last. Wow. I feel like such a blogger.


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